Helping Hands Event & Techniquelle / by Thomas Nguyen





This past Saturday was the first ever Helping Hands event ( It was originally scheduled for December but a big ole snow storm had something to say about that.  It was a shame, but at the same time I was glad.  I was away for business during that time and was bummed out I was going to make it!  If you didn't know, the Helping Hands Event benefited a great organization known as One Day's Wages.  When you get the chance, please visit their website (

Anyways, the event was rescheduled for this past Saturday and it was even bigger and better. Originally I wasn't sure how long I was going to stay, but I ended up staying the majority of the time and had a blast. I brought my camera along and was able to help take some photos for the event.  The turnout was great and the musicians were awesome.  Everyone had a great performance and I was fortunate to learn about some new and great local artists. I'm sure that One Day's Wages are extremely proud of the work Jennie Roh & Joe Kim have done.  I believe this is just the beginning of even more amazing events to come.

So the next event that you all need to check out is Techniquelle's performance, this Wednesday, January 13th, 2010.  She will be performing at the DC Wonderland Ballroom at 9PM. Her music is soooo good.  Chickity Check it out!