Starbucks Via Review / by Thomas Nguyen

For the longest time, I have been intrigued by Starbucks' new instant coffee.  I'm not too fond of instant coffee in general, but Starbucks has claimed to produce a higher quality one.  I recently bought a pack and tried it out for the first time.  It's quite quick and easy.  Empty out a packet in your favorite mug  (Yes, that is my apple mug), fill it with 8oz of hot water, stir and BAM you are done.

Starbucks did a pretty good job in my opinion.  Well for starters, let me just say that I don't expect too much out of instant coffee.  Never have.  However, this is one notch up in all categories.  The aroma, the flavor, the aftertaste, it was all a notch up for instant coffee, and of course, probably 1-2 notches down from a real cup of starbucks. So it's not bad for quick cup of joe on the go.  

And this is coming from a former Starbucks Barista =P