Techniquelle Recap | More community work / by Thomas Nguyen



I just got back from Techniquelle's performance @ DC Wonderland Ballroom. It was great to hear her live with a band.  Even though she said her voice was giving out, I don't think anyone noticed any signs of that while she was singing.  We got to hear some unreleased tracks tonight which sounded great!  Again, check her out at her website,  Also I wanted to note that East Coast Caravan had some really great instrumentals.  They totally got the place jammin and ready for Techniquelle & Band.  Check them out at More photos in the photo section to the right!

More community work

So my ever so cool cousin Sylvie, Thrifty DC Cook, is a local foodie.  Not only does she love to learn, taste, and make great food, she also gives back to the community with food!  She takes the time to gather food or money contributions and volunteers to make some great food for local food banks.  This Saturday, she will be working with N Street Village in DC. This will be the first time I finally get to help out my cousin, so I'm excited! The food will feed women who are homeless and are recovering from addiction or a mental illness. We'll be at the Bethany Women's Center, 1333 N St. NW, Washington, DC 2005 at 10AM this Saturday to start prepping and will serve lunch at 12 noon.  The lunch will end at 12:30.  If you would like to help or contribute or learn about future events, please send me an email and I'll forward it on to Sylvie! Or simply visit her site and send her a note. 

Also, I'm sure everyone knows about the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  I ask you to please donate whatever you can at this time to help out with the relief efforts.  Even if it's a couple of bucks... it all adds up!  So before you buy that next pack of gum, movie ticket, another round of drinks, try to remember how just sacrificing something so small like that can help out so many in Haiti right now.  Some great organizations you can donate to is Yele, Wyclef Jean's organization that benefits Haiti, The Red Cross, and also One Day's Wages.