Westminster Crackers

It's the simple things in life we forget. by Thomas Nguyen

Showing appreciation.  It doesn't have to take a lot of your time, but even with the smallest comment, you'll never know how you'll just make someone's day.  I got this in my inbox today.


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Name Tom Nguyen
I'm not a cracker connoisseur or anything, buy you guys have the best tasting crackers ever. I'm sitting at a Silver Diner and have had your awesome crackers so many times that it compelled me to write an email just to let you guys know. 
Dear Tom,
Thank you for your interest in Westminster Crackers, it’s always nice to hear
from one of our fans.  Which Silver Diner were you served our crackers?
If you’ll forward me your street address we’ll send you a complimentary sample.
Stop by sometime, we’d love to meet you and show you around.
All my best,
Keith B. Dunn
Vice President / General Manager"
I got this email today and it made me chuckle and smile.  I sent an email to compliment... crackers... haha.  But I'm sure it brought a smile to the faces of the of Westminster Crackers Factory. And maybe one day I will take a visit to their place :)  Try out their crackers.. it's delicious btw.

It's the simple things in life we forget.  Who can you genuinely compliment today?
In honor of the title of this post... Usher - Simple Things