Tony Hsieh

Hello Again by Thomas Nguyen

Sorry folks, I know it's been a long time.  I apologize.  Life has been... busy.  I think I always say that, but it seems as if it always is and somehow gets even busier everyday.  However, I kinda like it.  I've been focused on work and growing the company and learning more and more about myself.  Again, I feel lucky everyday for everything that I do in life and that I'm able to follow my passions.  

Work has been my passion because it's working with people I love.  All I think about is how I can help grow the business and have everyone in the company being happy and loving what they do.

Tonight, I just finished a great book called "Delivering Happiness" by Tony Hsieh.  It's a fun and easy read that puts onto paper many of the thoughts I've already had in my mind.  And of course, I've learned so much from it too. The funny thing is that I knew nothing about this book or the author at all. The title drew me in and it was just released and at the top of the charts.  So I decided to give it a try and let me tell you... it delivered.

Careers are always on everybody's mind. Is it exactly what you want to do?  Are you doing it just for the money, or for the status, or just because?  This book tells how he became successful, almost lost it all for the company he runs now, and could have never been happier.  He found passion and purpose.  He created a business, a culture, and core values that everybody in the company has grown personally and professionally.

Anybody working for a small business knows the trials and tribulations.  I highly recommend this book to anyone as a great source of inspiration. Learn more at