Steven Chan

The Art Of Pong by Thomas Nguyen

The Battle - The Art Of Pong.  This is definitely one of the funniest videos that I've been a part of.  It all started with our Halloween costumes.  I was dressed up as an old Kung Fu master which spawned an idea of a quick and fun video project at work.  Being heavily influenced by old 70's kung fu films, I wanted to use that theme and create a table tennis version.  It had to have all the typical elements: young hero, old master, arch rival, and of course, bad dubbing.  We threw the video together in a day, and I'm really proud of this hilarious project that the team was able to put together.  Steven Chan played a great young hero, Michael Squires was perfect on his acting, and Rich Heo did a great job on filming and editing.  Go Team JOOLA!