New years resolution still going strong? by Thomas Nguyen

It's February, how are your new years resolutions or goals coming along? Have you ran out of gas? Don't worry, with monthly checkups, you can fill up your gas tank again! Start reevaluating what has worked and what hasn't!

I have 2 goals that I have been doing very well with. One of my goals is to do more activities in DC. Another goal is to take more photos and video this year to continue my creative flow.

Luckily, these 2 goals go hand in hand! I've been very fortunate to be able to explore the city so much not only physically but also through the lenses of my camera.

Here are some of my favorite shots and events!

I got to meet up with my DC fam, Marshall, Sylvie, Ron and Stephanie for some Korean BBQ. Check out Sylvie's site for some of the coolest DC foodie news around!  http://www.thriftydccook.com


My friends Mimi & Robert were fostering some local pups. They were absolutely adorable... even if one did accidently puked on me haha.

Delicious apples at Eastern Market.  This is NOT why I'm known as addictedtoapple on twitter =P

Top Chef, Spike Mendelsohn at his newest restaurant, We The Pizza

This is probably my favorite photo that I've taken recently.  It was a wonderful night exploring DC and we strolled right by the Swedish Embassy, The House of Sweden.

I took some photos of my good friend Joanne Kim for her website recently with her BF and my good buddy Dan.  I had a great time snapping photos all around Bethesda.  It was super cold that day, but good thing we stopped by so many places to get some tea or hot chocolate.  Anyways, you guys definitely need to check out Joanne's music.. it's UH-Mazing.  http://www.joannekimmusic.com

I snapped a photo of my good friends Becky & Wil in front of Kramer's Book Store & Afterwords Cafe in DC.  I really love that place.  Anybody that is new to DC, I tend to take them there for a meal.  And.. it's one of the few fun 24hr places you can hang out with friends on a weekend!

I was asked to snap some photos for a wonderful event called Inspire '11 by my good friend Joe Kim.  Inspire is a non profit organization that has created an outlet for Christians to express their passion and talents through music.  I met some amazing people and artists that night.  


This is my buddy GT, aka Gifted Thought, aka Brian from family guy =P  Check out his awesome site, http://www.a-tunes.net !  It's a site where I wish I had back in the day... which showcases asian american artists that should be getting some more attention!

Pastor Del Augusta, who was inspiring and hilarious.

Jeff Yoo, a great organizer and the great MC for the night.  It was great to meet someone with so much passion for everything he does.

Lil Sarah, big voice and passion.  Check her out at http://www.facebook.com/LilSarahKim

Jason Min.  A very innovative artist that had some really moving songs.  Check him out at http://www.jasonminmusic.com

The three guys here make up Amp.  One of the coolest hip hop groups I've heard!  Their songs and performances are always so powerful.  Check them out at http://www.ampmovement.com/

This is Lyricks.  One of the best rappers I've heard live.   I  think what's cool about him is he knows how to stay true to himself and what he believes in.  He doesn't live up to stereotypes.  And... he just recently toured with the Wu Tang Clan!  Sick! http://www.myspace.com/teamlyricks

Joanne Kim at Galaxy Hut!  I had to also put up this photo due to the apple laptop in it as well :)

This was during the crazy storm down here in DC.  It took some people I know 12 hours to get home.. when it usually takes them 45 minutes!  The power went out of my building so I was left to some photography to keep me sane.  This was taken in my parking lot.

During the power outage, I stayed over at Richard & Wendy's.  And of course, I had a great time playing with Audrey and Ryan.  I love these kids.

I went to snap some photos in DC on a Friday night with my buddy Dan.  DC Monuments at night is definitely one of my favorite subjects to shoot.  The lighting is so awesome.  

These photos were from a weekend where we decided to film a quick video for Joanne's song electric kiss.  We had good time brainstorming, filming, and editing all in one day.  Check out the song!

Some pics from a quick business trip to Munich, Germany.  I was surprised that it was warmer over there then DC!

Becky & Wil @ Branded 72 Pit Barbeque for Wil's Birthday!

My friend Coleen invited me to a really fun birthday party.  I had a great time with all of her fam and friends!

Joanne at Ebenezer's Coffee House.  One of the nicest venues in DC!

Getting some Makkoli, Korean Rice Wine, with good friends!  Here is an amazing photographer that needs to update his website! Jacob Kim

Penn State buddies!  Jenn, Mimi, Andy

3 super talented girls.

Jennie Roh, photographer/videographer extradorinaire: http://www.iphotoria.com  http://www.drawatree.com

Michelle Choi : fashionista/make up artist extradorinaire: http://www.miss-elegance.com

Sue Kim: Creative Extradorinaire: http://suekyungkim.wordpress.com/ http://timetoshinedc.com/ http://ourbeautifulimperfections.com/

My family came to visit!  Mom, Uncle, and grandma.  

I had the pleasure to snap some photos of Anny Pak's birthday.  It was a blessing to be there as it was one of the most unique bday experiences I've been apart of.  Praise, Worship, and love all around!  You need to also check out Anny's photography site.  The girl got skiiiiils!  http://annyphotography.com/

So, that was my mega blog post.  I hope that it has helped inspire you to keep your goals in check.  And remember, it's not too late to get back on track either!  Best of luck to you and stay positive.

Out of sight, out of mind? Keep it in sight! by Thomas Nguyen

Goal SettingWith everyone starting off the new year with new goals and resolutions, I think it's important for people to "keep it in sight".  It's easy to say to yourself, I'd this or I'd like that and not do anything about it. You'll forget everything you have ever wanted to do if it's out of sight.

If you have a goal, write it down and place it somewhere you can see everyday.  After that, take some time to think about your goals and write an action plan for yourself.  Within those plans, set up dates on your calendar on how you can track your progress.  Give yourself some realistic deadlines of when you would like to achieve thing to see how you progress.  I find that breaking down your ultimate goal into smaller baby steps is the key to staying consistent!  

An example would be:

Instead of just saying, "I want to lose 15 lbs", give more details! When? How? Check up dates?

I want to lose 15 lbs in 3 months. I'll check myself at the end of every month and want to lose 5 lbs a month.  I'm going to do so by packing a healthier lunch consisting of leaner protein and more veggies.  I'm also going to alternate lifting weights and cardio everyday!

From there, try to mark down how you are doing on a daily or weekly basis if you can! Some fun things you can do to make sure you achieve your goals is to have a spotter.  Talk to family and friends about your goals and they can help check up on you.  You can even make a fun consequence to help motivate you.  Maybe if you don't reach your check up goals, you'll have to donate $20 bucks to charity!

The last thing is to not lose hope!  If you don't reach your goals right away, don't fret.  Keep on moving forward and realize that you have been making the right steps to making your dreams happen.  If might not come as fast as you want, but you just need to keep on trying and you'll get there. "A jug fills drop by drop"

Good luck to you in 2011!