Reporting from Germany. / by Thomas Nguyen

Hi guys! I arrived in Germany safe and sound. The flight here was great since hardly anyone was on the flight.  So you know what that means?  A whole row to myself!  However, I didn't sleep that well since I couldn't fall asleep in the beginning.  And when I did fall asleep.. I woke up pretty early. I had about 3hrs of sleep.  FAIL!

When we were waiting for our baggage claim, i thought this was a funny photo to decipher.  I think the first poster says that.. please do not use our luggage carts as a grocery shopping cart.  The second one says, Cats' needs a passport if traveling =P

My twitter name is addictedtoapple.  I might have to change that to addictedtocoffee.  I have been drinking tons of coffee and espresso drinks to keep me up throughout the day. It's been super tough and I'm hanging in there.  Hopefully I will be able to sleep through the night now!  And so.. I'm off again.  Tomorrow we head to Dusseldorf.  I'll keep all ya'll updated!