Jason Eskridge - The EP. Get it! / by Thomas Nguyen

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About 2 years ago, I was at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA catching a performance by my high school buds Nate & Austin.  While I was there, a musician named Jason Eskridge made a surprise visit and performance.  During that time, he was doing backup vocals for Lyle Lovett and his tour.  He told all of us that every time he was in the DC area, he would stop by here and perform.  Well, I was really glad that he stopped by.  I was blown away by his performance.  He had a soulful, rustic, southern style to him.

I remember right after the performance, I commented on his MySpace wall about how much I enjoyed his song titled "Sweet Love".  He never posted it, but wrote me an email.  He thanked me for the appreciation, but didn't want to post anything about the song because he wanted to surprise his wife with that song.  I guess he was just practicing to perform it for her one day.  I'm sure she loved it.  Here's a youtube video of that performance that I witnessed. Check out his awesome "trumpet" skills at the 2:34 mark.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally purchased his EP.  It's been out for awhile now, but I finally got it!  There is a great compilations of songs on the album.  Songs about positivity, love for your special someone, and love for your family and home.  It's just a great feel good album.

My favorite songs are Everybody..Nobody, Home (Dirt Road Mix) and Get Together.  

I love these lines of the main chorus....
"The heart of every woman, man, boy and girl
Is the possibility to go and change the world..."

Home(Dirt Road Mix)
The use of the harmonica gives that great countryside feel to the song.  It makes me reminisce about driving down Route 322 and seeing the countryside to get back home to Lebanon.  I love it. It makes me miss home!

The lyrics that hit me.

"See I realize
while I was gone,
aint' nothing like,
that place called home" 

Get Together
A soulful and perfect example of a classic R&B style love song.
"We can kick it in the park for awhile, baby drive a few country miles, girl i love it when i see you smile, let's get together"

So take a listen above!  And learn more about Jason Eskridge at his website.  You can also purchase his album on itunes for only $5.94!