Jay Sean - All or Nothing Album Review / by Thomas Nguyen


Interested in a clean, smooth, catchy, poppy R&B album?  Sorry, that was a lot of adjectives that I used, however it does describes Jay Sean's album in my opinion.  I really like it and totally recommend it.  


I was very fortunate to learn about Jay Sean very early in the game.  And it was all due to DJ Bikram Keith.  A couple of years ago, I was introduced to him and was very impressed with his skills.  When it comes to clubbing, I've always predominately been just a hip hop/pop fan.  I never really listened to house or anything like that.  I always thought house was just another version of techno.. but I was so wrong. But that all changed with Bik. One night I took a whole group of friends who loves dancing to hip hop and nothing else to listen to him.. and they all loved him.  The man just knows how to blend the perfect beats to dance to.  No drowning techno or anything like that.. just a perfect blend of hip hop, house, and pop mashups.  

Anyways that same night, I heard this music loop that I just really loved.  It turned out to be from a Jay Sean song called Ride It.  That's when I first learned about Jay Sean.  He was a huge star in the UK at the time, and Bikram was the official DJ for him.  Shortly afterwards, Jay Sean blew up in the US with his song Down and now recently on the radio, Do You Remember featuring Sean Paul and Lil John.  It's been crazy ever since seeing how Bikram is now all over the place touring with Jay Sean as the official DJ.  He will be doing the European tour with him and Ne-Yo!  Craziness! Check out his website at www.bikramkeithonline.com where he features some of his sets that you can download.

Anyways, All or Nothing is one of the few albums where you can pretty much listen to every song without having to skip through to your favorites.  The songs on this album pretty much cover all the facets of girls and love.  From thinking a girl is so FiOne, to thinking you can never live with out her and then to... living without her haha.   Here are a couple of my favorite songs right now

Do You Remember (Featuring Sean Paul & Lil John)

 This is his current song on the radio.  Catchy and smooth.  One of the things I always find humorous is how Sean Paul will live up to the Jamaican accent and drops the "H" in words.  "Ot like the sun", "Thats what I eard"  See if you can hear it in the song.  Correction, see if you can "ear" it.  Also, Lil John being his crazy self, randomly yelling "Do U Remembuh!?"

If I Ain't Got You (Featuring Drake)


A fun and poppy song about that girl you just can't live without, even if you have everything else.

All or Nothing

One of those songs that many guys can relate to.  It's that one girl you thought she was everything.. and now she's nothing in your life.