Mr. Atkins diet, I'm sorry, have you noticed I'm asian? / by Thomas Nguyen

Vietnamese Dishes Vietnamese Dishes

I'm not sure if you noticed this Mr. Atkins, but I'm asian.  Rice and noodles are staples in our cuisine.  Carbs is something I could never give up.

A funny thing is, the majority of asians, who eat rice and noodles, are fairly skinny.  Even the French, who eat tons of savory foods, butter, baguettes, etc, are fairly skinny as well.  And I think the 2 main reasons are.. portions and taking your time!

In many asian meals, only a small bowl of rice is served.  From there, there are multiple dishes with a great balance of vegetables and meat.  The main focus is not the rice, but the variety of dishes in a setting. I've had many family meals and get-togethers where this exact scenario has taken place.  We all take our time, chit chat, and enjoy the food.  That's the same thing the French do.  They take time, eat small portions, and enjoy their food.  It's also been said that if you eat slower, you'll notice how full you are. This is in complete contrast to how we scarf down fatty fast food here in the US!

One other common factor.. walking!  Asians, French, other Europeans etc, they do tons of more walking compared to us here in the States. We drive to work, sit in an office for another 8 hrs, drive home, drive to the grocery store, drive the dry cleaners, drive, drive, and a little more driving.  We barely do any walking compared to the rest of the world.

So I encourage everyone to enjoy your food, take your time, and control your portions.  There's nothing wrong with not finishing your plate of food.  Just pack it up, and take the rest home for tomorrow's lunch or dinner.  And if you are really conscientious about your carb intake, just know when to eat it.  Don't forget that carbs gives your cells, tissues, and organs great energy throughout the day.   Try to stick to whole grains whenever possible, and eat it during the day!  Why eat a ton of carbs right before you go to sleep?  It will never be used, except maybe when you need to turn over during your sleep haha. And whenever you get the chance, try to forget about your car keys and take a walk.  Or even go for a nice evening stroll.  Enjoy the outdoors, look at the night sky, and bask it all in!

Last Week's Data Average:
Weight: 153.75lbs
Body Fat: 18.3%
Body Water: 55.75%

Today's Data:
Body Weight: 153.8lbs
Body Fat: 17.7%
Body Water: 56.4%