Meet Stas. Sylvie's Bday! / by Thomas Nguyen


So here's a little update!  So the Russian gentleman I was talking about before, his name is Stas.  Here is what I found out today through our hand signal conversation haha. He is 70 years old.  He started playing since he was a young child, and played competitively for over 20 years! I just wanted to let you guys know that most likely, you would get your butt kicked by him.  Don't let the age fool you, the man has skills!  He also taught me how to say thank you today.  This has been quite the fun adventure!

Sylvie emotional about her awesome kitchen gear!

The cous and I

Tonight was my cousin Sylvie's Bday.  If you don't know Sylvie, she's also known as ThriftyDCCook!  She's always blogging about amazing food, deals, and recipes that she has tried.  Pretty much I get hungry whenever I see her blog.  I would totally recommend visiting her blog sometime. I don't get to see her as often, but it was great seeing her tonight!  Her Bday was celebrated at Masa 14 by 14th & U St.  The place looks great and the food was quite delish!  One of the chef's is from ZenGo in Chinatown.  I had the Barbeque Salmon with spinach and bacon (Of course I had to have bacon) and it was quite delish.  I definitely recommend it.