Pass It On / by Thomas Nguyen

For all you local DC'ers, here are some events that I would be checking out if I could make it. Don't miss out!

Jay Sean @ Josephines
Tuesday, 12/12/09

The new hit star Jay Sean will be at Joesphines tomorrow for a meet and greet.  The tickets are $30 for a meet and greet with Jay Sean and an autographed copy of his latest album, "All or Nothing".  Also, Jay Sean's official DJ, DJ Bikram will be there.  If you don't know Bikram, he is one of the hottest DJ's in the DC area.  Every time I get to listen to one of his sets live, it's electrifying.  He always seems to mix the perfect blend of House, Hip Hop and mashups. Many of my friends who are only hip hop fans and have this anti stereotype of house music are totally blown away by a night of his mixing.  The man simply knows how to keep the crowd rockin!

Helping Hands Event @ Photoria
Saturday, 12/19/09

Photography + Music + Charitable Events = Awesomeness.  That's the simple description of this event hosted by my friend Jennie.  Join her and many others at Photoria for a photography and music showcase, where the proceeds will go towards One Day Wages.  This organization is a great movement to help end world hunger.  If you can't go, show some of your holiday love and donate to the organization!

Techniquelle @ DC9 and Solly's
Saturday, 12/13/09 and 12/14/09

Listen to this wonderful local artist, Techniquelle live at DC9 And Solly's.  I was lucky enough to catch her live at the grand opening of BBQ Chicken & Beer and have been hooked!  Definitely an artist worth checking out. I'll eventually catch another show!