Relating / by Thomas Nguyen

"Life is a constant process of relating " - Bruce Lee

Oh so true Bruce, oh so true. This  quote resonates throughout my daily life. I feel that "relating" is such an important part of our lives and should be embraced even more. Through this process, we learn how we are all so connected.  

When is the last time you felt this?  Was is it relating to hearing music and lyrics that represented how you felt at that moment? How about meeting a stranger and finding out they had something in common with you? Or maybe the feeling you felt when someone gave you a helping hand or vice versa the feeling you had when you were able to help someone? Or how about eating some ratatouille and remembering how it tasted and how you felt right at home when you ate it as a child *movie plug*.  

Life truly is a constant process of relating.  So be present in your life and live, learn, love, and relate. Happy Holidays everyone!